Be a Fashion Superstar Before You Graduate From Fashion Design School

Just because you haven't graduated yet doesn't mean that you can't start sharing your natural fashion design talent. In fact, as you get closer to earning your degree from your chosen fashion school, this is a good time to start making your presence known in the fashion world. There are several ways to do this, and a few are listed below. You can use these as a "jumping-off" point, and expand on them as you need to.

As you pursue your education, make special note of any projects for which you received critical acclaim. If a project of yours receives any recognition outside of the fashion institute classroom, make sure you document that as thoroughly as you can. Collect any and all references that were made in both on-campus and off-campus publications. If your work is displayed anywhere, take your own pictures and keep all programs, brochures, or any other publications that mention your work. Start preparing your portfolio before you leave your fashion design school. Pick out your best pieces and take steps to preserve them by laminating and placing them between protective covers. This will help ensure that there is no fading of artwork, photography, or anything else.

Carry your portfolio with you whenever you think you may have a chance to display it. Don't worry about seeming pushy or aggressive; rather, think of it as asserting confidence in your work. Your willingness to take the initiative in showing your work will be remembered when the time comes to start your fashion design career. Start networking. It is never too early to start getting your name, face, and designs out there. Use fashion school professors and other administrators as well as your classmates and personal contacts. Don't forget to return the favor!

Consider an internship. This is often a very good way to display your talents and ideas. It can also help you get your foot in the door in regards to a place of employment after you graduate. Further, many fashion design schools let internship count as partial or full credit towards obtaining your degree, something which may help you finish your education earlier.

Consider traveling abroad, whether for studying or simply to visit fashion design venues in other countries. Find out if your fashion institute sponsors foreign study programs. If it doesn't, figure out a way to visit such places as Italy, which is a fashion design mecca. The experience you gain will be two-fold: you will have the opportunity to observe other cultures and you will gain first-hand knowledge of the fashion design industry.

Fashion Design Schools

Celebrities and famous personalities all clamor to be dressed and styled by the greatest and the best, thus giving way for new and younger designers. Narciso Rodriguez, Monique Lhullier, and Stella McCartney, just to name a few, are all young designers in demand today in the fashion industry.

Another young designer, Nikki Hilton, one of the heiresses to the Hilton hotels and already privileged and famous, opted to study first at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in order to have a solid background in design. Soon this young designer whose love for bags started going places when other celebrities started appearing at movie premieres and awards shows with her creations. Fashion critics praised her works because of their clean lines and contemporary design.

Education combined with talent form a great building block to a solid design career.

Most fashion designers, in an effort to expand what they know, try to attend art school since courses offered in a fashion design school are also regarded as applied art, similar to interior and graphic design. These design schools offer a curriculum especially created to stimulate the creative and unique sides of their students. Programs usually are intended to challenge the students by incorporating the technical and theoretical elements in fashion design as well as the artistic and sensible approach to creating new and hip clothing.

Fashion design schools do not only groom students to create a great piece of clothing but also teach them the basics, such as correct body measurements, pattern making, clothes making, and even sewing. Some design schools also offer for the following positions: fashion merchandiser, fabrications and trim buyer, fashion illustrator, pattern grader, and textile artist.

How to Choose a Good Fashion Design School

With the increased interest in the fashion industry nowadays, it is only wise that you choose the best schools out there to help you realize your creative potential. You need to keep a good eye out for the ones who can provide you the right tools and training to help you cultivate your talent and ultimately achieve your ambitions. Remember, the first hurdle that you have to take in becoming the designer that you want to be, is in choosing the right school that will mould you.

First of all, you need to look at all possible choices. This means extensive research and weeding out the less possible to the probable candidates. At this point, the web can be your best friend. You need to give some good time poring over a number of search results in the internet. You can also ask some friends, about schools that they can recommend and then you can research and read some more about it on the web. Almost all schools nowadays have their own website, all of which gives ample information about their programs.

Second, you need to have a budget in mind. Up to how much are you able to afford and work hard for to get that degree? You have to look at your means and decide whether your pocket is able to keep that dream up and running to fruition. You can also look into scholarships that schools are offering, go through them and who knows, you could land yourself a spot!

Next, is to consider the location. You have to be realistic when you are chasing after you dreams. The area where the school is located is an important factor. If your school is in a big city, you need to consider the cost of living, because not only would you be paying for your tuition but your lifestyle too. There are undeniably a lot of good schools in larger cities, but there are also schools located in other places that are friendlier to your daily budget.

Another important thing that you have to consider in choosing the right fashion design school for you is to go through their curriculum. Are they giving the courses that you think would help you grow creatively? Every school has their own strengths, which is why you need to look at each one of them and choose the one which you think would fit your strengths as well. For example, you wouldn't want to land in a school specifically catering to children's clothing when you are more geared towards haute couture. You go through the top schools that you are vying for and compare their curricula and find the one that suits your interests best.

A school that also participates in competitions is also something to consider. This would tell you that they are really inclined at the students' improvement in their craft. It would also tell you that the school wants to mould good quality fashion designers, those who are able to compete and stand out among others in the field.

You might also want to consider the school setting. Some schools may have a more classroom type approach with a number of students, while others have a more intimate setting with just a few. Are you more comfortable sharing creative pursuits with others in a larger setting or are you able to work well without the many distractions?

Student-teacher ratio is also an important matter to consider. Ask or learn ahead if the classroom arrangement in the school fits your preferences or would be for the best of your training.

School accreditation is a good point in assessing a fashion school. This shows that a school is able to keep up to standards and is able to give quality education.

A good accreditation is a plus when considering a school because this means that you will be getting competent teachers and an excellent program.

When you have your top choices of fashion design schools, it is best that you take a visit and check out the place. This is also a good way for you to be well acquainted with the setup, the teachers, programs and all other available resources that could help you grow in your creative pursuit. The website can give good information, but it is even better when you get to see the real stuff and gauge it as you actually see and get a feel of it.

All these are good pointers to guide you in choosing the right fashion design school that will help pave your way to your ambitions. Dreaming alone does not take you nowhere, learn to make the right choices and you're well on your way in actualizing your dreams!

Taking Your Design Talent to the Limit at Fashion Design School

The first thing you must do to take your talent to the limit is to find the fashion design school that is right for you. Research fashion design schools on the Internet. Keep in mind when you are conducting your search that fashion design schools in Los Angeles are some of the best in the world, so you may want to concentrate your search in that area.

When you begin your search, do not only look for the word "schools" but also look for the words "fashion institute" or "fashion college." The differences in fashion design schools and Fashion College is the degree you will receive. An Associate's Degree is awarded at a college whereas a certificate is awarded at a school. An institute will also award a certificate only.

After selecting the school, college or institute that you wish to attend, you should schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss the school and your goals. Ask questions concerning how much time is spent on "book learning" compared to hands-on experience. Once you are enrolled, you can now begin to take your talent to the limit. On the first day of class, ask your instructors if you can bring drawings or designs that you have done. This will show your instructors, first hand, your natural talent and your overall interest in the field.

When assigned any work, whether its a book or drawing, always complete it on time. This will indicate that you are serious about learning. At every chance be sure to take on any and all extra work. This will show you willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Never criticize anyone else's work. This will only show that you think you are better than others.

Be willing to do all that you can to help other students and the instructors. The willingness to give of yourself will show that you are a team player and not above others. When asked to give your opinions do so in a manner that will show your knowledge of the subject. Always be open to new ideas and accept criticism of your work, not only from the instructor but also from fellow students. When the time comes to create a design, do so in a manner that will showcase your talent and indicate what you have learned from the class.

Be sure to always do exactly what is assigned. Don't put all the emphasis on just one design aspect. Incorporate all that you have learned up to that point into the design. Play up your best design qualities and use the tips and tricks that your instructors taught you to give your design that extra special touch.

How do you take your design talent to the limit? Cover all your bases, put your heart and soul into it and look for opportunities. Eventually, the things you do along the way will pay off and put you on the fashion design road you were destined to travel. Good luck!